blatant defiance

I feel stifled by this blog's demand for commitment and I'm going through a rebellious phase towards it. You will just have to suffer in silence.

I'm sure I'll feel penitent later and have some great make-up blogging when I come around.

It's in the dog house and it's not getting any tonight.
And neither are you.


lines o' plesha

so I hold my breath till my heart explodes
cause this is how it is, and this is how it goes..


all because..

The last week has been MAD. Volunteering at the shelter a couple times a week, keeping the home fires roaring and hot. Folks coming from all around to help out. Which means I'm gonna be partying (after hours of course) and not spending time sitting here writing about what I'm not doing at the moment that I'm sitting. Dummy.

THEN to sweeten the deal, Hurricane Rita threatens a nasty blow and we've got thousands more evacuees from Houston to contend with. We've actually opened our own home to some of them. That's because we have hearts the size of Texas Trucks.

I spent today at one such shelter. An abandoned Wal-mart. Three frikin thousand people. Just there. All over the place. No order, nothing. Not to worry, we were an efficient and professional team and pretty much just took the place over, yup, I'd say we were running the joint by the end of the day. But look, I'll talk about it later. I'm gonna go kick back and tell stories with the gang. Pictures will follow shortly.

Oh by the way, if you could just go ahead and pray we don't get lamblasted by SenorRita that would just be great. You're the best.


Empress Zao

I love my little sister. I really do.
Like, I can't stand sharing a room with her and sometimes I just wish she'd find someone else to share her latest dorky pick-up line with. But then, you can't replace laughing late at night in the dark while making "pyscho-boy" voices and singing: "I like to mooove it, mooove it! Feesically fit, feesically fit, feesically feesically feesically....."
Or putting on her best KGB accent and sagely advising:"My friend from KGB say, when leetle dog bites you -- pull out machine gun and bite leetle dog back."

No one makes me laugh as spontaneously as she does. For example, one of our housemates is a Chilean girl who recently spent some years in China. Charlotte has picked up on this and proceeds to nudge her all day with her supposed asian background, namely, dubbing her: Empress Zao - or when feeling tender My sweet Ling.

"Is that your green tea, boiling on the stove?"

"You look clumsy when you use a fork."

"How do you like our culture here? Is it very different? The two sets of twins must be a shocker."

Extends hand, "Tobacco. I come in peace."

"See, here Rossi, we keep our dog as a pet."

"I dont know how you do in China but here...."

And then last night, I hear a whisper exchanged and then a exasperated, "CHAAR-LOTTE!"

Charlotte leans over and whispers conspiratorily, "I asked her when they unbound her feet."

"I'd rather be fighting with you than making love to anybody else."

I've just finished watching a true blue chick flick. WITH chicks.
Twas a novelty I've rarely indugled in.

This scene involved a giant bowl of popcorn, a coupla bottles of Coors Light and a wonderful, Wonderful dark German beer who's name I can't pronounce but will try harder to in future.
The movie was stereotype, the lead male being a suave, masculine, crazily sexy dude who knows what he wants and will not stop at any feeble girly attempts to dissuade him because after all, tis for the sake of luuuuve.
All following the same rehashed cliches, all working out swimmingly in the end.

The girls squealed with delight. I secretly was charmed, but scoffed, too cynical to be taken in.
I suppose that's what movies are for though.

In summary, the highlight of the evening was the plesha of hanging out with girlfriends, being gay and lighthearted.
I somehow feel I missed a lot of that along the way.


The young and the breathless

Continuing on in this mad quest for fitness, my sister and I have been pushing ourselves to the max, mentally and physically. Oh sure, there are the detractors, those who will stop at nothing in their, no doubt, jealousy of our sinewy thighs to get us to lay down our weights and come off the..mat?

Not daunted in the slightest we heave and ho with the legendary fitness greats:
freaks such as Kathy Smith, The Firm, Austin Powers and Billy Buttblaster.

Award for Most Righteous Instructor would go to Denise Austin. On an uninformed whim, we slip this character into the DVD and prepare to become "Toned and Tightened". What came next can only be described as bewildering.

Here we see a stocky, leather-skinned woman -- I'd guess around late 70's, early 80's -- florescent pink spandex hiked up well above the navel line standing on what appears to be the lawn of a home for the elderly in Southern Cali.

All standard it seems, yes? NO!
We stand transfixed in front of the screen, curious and amused smiles on our rosy faces as she proceeds -- without caution, to flail all four limbs in four distinctly opposing directions, as it would seem, on impulse.
Next, she throws in some "salsa" moves. Moves that on a exotic looking latina would no doubt exude sex appeal, looks more like a stacatto attempt at playing the cymbals with a twist.
Peppered throughout her comical display are her encouraging and peppy shouts at you, the trainee.
"You're SPECIAL!"
"You deserve this!"
"I love you!!"
"Chasse!"...at which point she flings her self across the screen in a bold attempt at ballet.

It was hard to pull ourselves away but duty called and as we grit our teeth with each hard-earned lunge and dip I hear her high, ringing voice resonating through my head. "YOU'RE WORTH IT!"

Dag Jimminy! I am SO special and what's more, I LOVE you!!


I've been busy.

I'm simultaneously working on redesigning three websites so I stretch my computer time out wisely. Though I deviate all the time.

Other than that I've been lazy.

I've observed that perky people make AN OVERUSE OF CAPS LOCKS and EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!, one can only imagine in the effort to make a splash or impress upon others the notion that they are indeed EXCITED AND INTERESTING!!
Maybe it's just a pet peeve of mine.

I'll tell you about shelter work in a bit. I'm just loving up the world, in everything I doooo....



how to dissapear completely and never be found

I lay in bed last night mostly awake. Kicked off the covers because it was hot and watched the light through the slats turn from purple to blue to light grey.
I wasn't bored but I didn't know what to do with myself because at the same time I think I was mostly dreaming.

There's nothing better than waking up late because it's your day off to a steady grey rain. It wraps you in a cozy feeling better than a down feather blanket..well, almost. add to that an apple and a goood read.

So I pattered out, barefoot, and sat on the front steps watching the pre-dawn drizzle.
When it became not too early to make coffee before you look like an addict, I brewed myself and my little brother a tasty potful. He's eating Nutella with his crepes. The little turd.

I then went back and sat on the steps, read, pondered and grew bigger and wiser on the inside.

This has been a lazy post hasn't it?
Enjoy your day.


you're in for a rare treat.

I find the funnest part of being sick is the day right after, when you're starting to walk around again. You still feel pretty tender, speaking sounds like you're hitting two octaves at once, and your chest aches like you ran 10k without breathing but..oh the SINGING.

There's nothing sweller and more cheering than strolling about the house still in your pyjama bottoms, your recovering voice resonating like a hinge without oil, singing an old classic -- to get the full effect, preferably one that has plenty of minor keys and high notes needing hitting. Like um, "Shepherd of Love".
That's a prime one.

It's always neat to see what your toady little voice will come up with or break into or out of. And the looks on your co-workers faces are a treat too, if I say so myself. Bordering from amusement to awe to downright wonderment. I know they're all thinking, "Sheesh, woman, why have you been hiding this light under a bushel for so long?"

Wonder no more. I'm just about ready to scamper off to treat the unsupecting home with a heartfelt rendition of "Come What May"...


a slump

I've been struck down. The very finger of God has reached down my throat, tweaked both my tonsils and left me squeaking around the house in a very small way.

I blame my little twin sisters.
Last night they pleaded and connived their way into bed with me, both of them being sick, both of them transferring their bacterium onto me. So I guess I got twice the kick in the pants.

So here I sit,
Head in hands-
needing to land.
yet remarkably bland.

Well-wishes always perk me up.


I forget..

Saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
It's a somewhat bizarre film, but totally my type. Typical Hollywood bores the eyes out of my sockets.

Somehow I find a reckless beauty/appeal in the idea of knowing the worst, even pathetic side of a person and still being able to say: "OK."
That's love.

We grasp that life may not've been peachy but having you here and flawed is far better than you being absent and having perfection.

We put ourselves in boxes too often; dictating the circumstances, the complexities of why we are and aren't capable, never choosing an opinion, just wearing whatever happens to be in style, reasoning with our limited five senses and the 10% of brains we think is sufficient. When, for crissakes, anything -- ANY THING is possible if you'll only let yourself be moved.

Be moved through.

And you could blind the world.

I know you will.


Katrina Relief

Ya know, I Want to be angry. I Want to rant and shake my head. I want to cry for everyone involved, who've lost loved ones and homes.
Reading all the posts, the stories, the news. I'm amazed but not surprised that such a situation could actually happen in the ol' USofA. All I'm gonna say is, what did we expect?
I'm past berating Bush.
It's but another in a long line of failures.
And another prime example of why I don't put Faith in men, or their words.

What Does sadden me is the immediate reaction to this disaster. You'd think that in the face of such devastation, everyone would bond together, pulling to make things better. No, there's got to be looting, rape and armed gangs terrorizing the streets. And you want to tell me the world's getting better?
I wonder what one of the "lesser" countries of the world that we're trying to teach "how to live right" would have done in a similar situation?

More on a personal level, I know it can't be easy not having electricity and water for a week, and my heart goes out to everyone I know in Florida. Super praying and hoping that you guys are making it alright.

We'll be helping out with the relief effort here in San Antonio. Apparently something like 25,000 refugees are being sent over so we're committing our time and manpower to do all we can to help out.

But what a shame.