a slump

I've been struck down. The very finger of God has reached down my throat, tweaked both my tonsils and left me squeaking around the house in a very small way.

I blame my little twin sisters.
Last night they pleaded and connived their way into bed with me, both of them being sick, both of them transferring their bacterium onto me. So I guess I got twice the kick in the pants.

So here I sit,
Head in hands-
needing to land.
yet remarkably bland.

Well-wishes always perk me up.


BarbarianDave said...

that's so sad! I'm coming down with something too. Damn Texas air.
People advertising on your blog! no shame whatsoever!

LoxyFady said...

Tonsilitis sucks. Hope you feel better. Isn't tequilla supposed to help? (Cackle)

CHUCK said...
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ZERO said...

I had the same thing for awhile.
I'm actually just getting over it.
for awhile there my voice sounded like a pubertizing 12 year old boy.

Charlock said...

It's the damn texas alergy problem, thankyouverymuch, although in Zero's case, I'd just blame the testostrome.

Chad said...

So I guess the wild nekkid parties have a down side. (quit blaming it on siblings)

I hear that if you wear socks when running around naked it reduces the chance of catching the flu. I guess you'd then worry if they're color coordinated with your nipples though.

Hope your feeling back to your usual self soon enough.

Andruss said...

something similar happened to me a week ago! the kids got several ppl around here sick.

as a preventative measure against future illness i've decided to stay away from children altogether!

crazynik said...

smart man Andruss

Sleep Taster said...

Am I missing something here Liz? Remember that time they REMOVED your tonsils? (I should know, I was the one who "nursed" you back to health). I heard that if you get your tonsils removed the infection that would have affected them goes deeper... at any rate, whatever it is I hope you get better in time for my wedding, I'll pray for you, I won't bear it if you can't come!!!

tatatooie said...

as i told you before. you really don't diserve all this love but what the heck. i'm sweet.

so you have my best wishes for a quick recovery. your no fun when your sick.

i love you

Liz said...

is true, Sleep Taster, my tonsils are gone which is why I'm scrambling to discover the reason for this? Things just aren't adding up -- although today it's progressed into more of a my-body-has-been-knocked-around-by-a-sledge-hammer feel.

But now seeing all the love I'm determined to pull through. Loxy, you read my mind and yes, gadnabit, I Blame Texas.

Daniel Byron said...

Get well....*here's where I would normally insert a witty/whimsical remark*

CHUCK said...

You guys have it all wrong.

Blame Canada

We ALL sound like ball-less toads over here in SUNNY Cali.

I'll say it again.

Blame Canada

Gabe said...

get well soon.
i love you.