It seems like forever since I've been online and an even longer since I've logged into this here bandicoot. With no internet at the apartment, I'm of the frame of mind that blogs should only be had if you don't have to Go Anywhere to do so.

BUUUT..occasion calls for it in light of my World Shaking News.
I've birthed a birthling.
However, since I'm in recovery and only making small trips out into bright sunlight this is going to suffice right now for all the pictorial demands and newsy information. I'll try to make it good. If you have my number, feel free to call:)

Siigh, where to begin. It's like skipping a really great part in a movie cause you went to the bathroom or something and then trying to get somebody to tell you what happened while you were gone...it's not easy. Uhhh..okay. Here's a pleasantly cheesy shot of me all rounded out:

Funny story behind this picture actually. The whole nine months long I figured I should take me some photos for memorials sake of the tummy but always put it off for another day seeing as I'm just really not one for photos (don't worry, I'll make up for it in the following minutes. You'll see.)
Finally, one early morn I wake up with wierd pangs (am I hungry?) in my tummy (am I thirsty?) which turn out to be tara-taran!! Contractionatos!! (I am..happy!)

So I'm all like DANG!! What's up with my procrastination? So Anita whips out the camera and voila, caught it just in time. Only problem being, I'm not feeling my chipperest, if you know what I mean. (That was a lot of nothingness..ON with the story!)
Oh wait. Another pic: me and my wittle sis who miraculously just happened to be visiting, YAY!

Oops, one more: Seth and I

SO! Where are we now? Ahh yes, HOP! in the car goes the merry little foursome. BRUM! goes the little engine. GRUPH! goes Seth with the gears EEK! go the girls holding on to their seat belts. HAHA! goes Liz because her tummy hurts.

I guess we looked pretty jolly and not so "laborish" because they sent me home saying, "No No, this baby will not come today". (Me and baby knew better because we we had plans, big plans)

One hour later, back at home: HOP! in the car goes the anxious foursome. BRUM! goes the little engine. GRUPH! goes Seth on the gears EEK! goes the girls as we hurtle onwards. HA-AHHH! goes Liz (with a little sqeak of discomfort)

They hooked me up with this pimp gown and body belts:

Everyone was shocked at how baby and I had tricked them: "What? What? He'll be out within the hour!" I try to grin because I had tried to tell them so but it's a little hard when your insides are being wrung out by the mighty hand of God.

CAUTION: Grizly scenes up ahead. May want to pass over next paragraph.
After much heaving and hoing (a little on the side: I have new respect for women in this predicament. I absolutely do not see how they go through it and then decide to do it again. Not to scare anyone, muahaha), little baby man gets stuck somehwere in the bony pelvic region and WISK! goes my little bed CESAREAN! cry the doctors GULP! blinks Liz SUIT! says Seth

(Let me pause here to say, if at all possible - STAY AWAY from this kind of delivery. I guess most people don't go looking to get a C-section and for good reason. It is the polar opposite of fun and hurts like the dickens. Blech!)

But 500 times over worth it is this little tiny squeal that comes out of the other side of the blue curtain. SQUEAK WAAH! says Baby. SQUEAK SNIFF! goes Liz and everything goes a nice peachy shade of swell.

So enters Avicus Grey on the 27th of September, in the year of our Lord 2006. (in all his 6 pound 10 oz glory)

I'm not quite sure how to sum up just how psyched I am to have him and how completely and foolishly in love with him I am. I'm becoming everything I always joked I'd never be. And you know? I don't really care.
I could go on but my tummy is sounding like a pending thunder storm so:

That's the tale. Thanks for listening. Goodnight.


Stephen said...

Congrats Liz. Beautifyl baby. Well said.

florecita said...

Avicus Grey? I thought it was Moses...
Oh well, he's ADORABLE! Congrats, and now your knockers will really be bigger than your head.
Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

He´s beautiful! Congratulations...

ZERO said...

Congratulations Liz.

I'm wishing you the best. I can only hope that you will devine more creative ideas during this maternal stretch.

LoxyFady said...

Awww...I can't decide if he looks more like you or Seth! He's so good lookin'! (He looks big too.)

You know they say labor is more painful when they come that quickly. :( I'll pray for your recovery.

Congratulations Liz, motherhood suits you, and common with a name like Avicus Grey you've totaly won the "Hip Mama" title. ;)

crazynik said...

What a gorgeous baby...big congrats!

lynC said...

Congratulations, Liz!

What a beautiful baby boy.

Ruthie said...

Congrats Liz and Seth. He's so cute.
Also rather nifty that Char was there.
Praying for you guys.

Gio. said...

You know, I just recently had my first kid neice, and she's great! I know how you feel. Congratulations!


PS: If Avicus (was it?) is up to it, I have this really cute neice he can take somewhere. Coffee, a drink, or anything really. Heh.

Roses are blue said...

He's quite a good-looking newborn fresh out of his mum's insides. Mine looked just like that...fresh out of my insides. Look at him looking up at you, he's already a charmer. So happy for you both, and what does that name mean anyway? It's cool, I'm sure it means fire or something manly like that. Haha. Love your writing Liz, you're my hero. Heh.

Liz said...

Heh. I should have left room for a Q&A section.

Luch: I don't even want to talk about my breasts right now.grumble grumble..
and sigh, Moses is going to have to settle for his unofficial official nickname. I call him that as I bathe him (a la Ten Commandments: high pitched "mooooses, moooses")

Zero: I thot about filming, I did. buuut, you know how that goes..:D

Loxy: Thanks again for eberyting. Oh and he's 6 lbs 10 oz.

Gio: Warm milk? :)

Rosie: It means "lord of the grove" or something along those mighty lines. Heh, leave it completely to Seth and you know he would've called him something uber-blatantly manly:D

and Thanks ya'll for saying all those nice things. I love you mucho..

Queen of Clubs said...

yay congrats liz and sethypoo he's an adorable muchkin

LoxyFady said...

6 lbs 10 oz....I take that back...he's ITTY BITTY!

Doe said...

Lizz it's not my fault that I didn't comment first..our internet connection was down all day and I couldn't get to you ...anyways I love you and my Sethel glad to hear that you're alive and well and that you're doing your part to populate the earth with good looking people such as your latest additon. Love you mucho.. Praying for you all!!!!

Thanks to Anita and Char for being there with you even though I couldn't.

Love you guys!!!!

Jamie said...

I agree with Rosie, he's adorable for a newborn.

Congrats to both you and Stephy - have fun raising the little guy! xxx

Roses are blue said...

are the boobies going "owiee" yet?

Woozers said...

He's gorgeous!!! Congratulations Liz (and Seth)! I'm so happy for you guys. Praying for your recovery and for the new little one. :)


Poochies said...

Love you Liz,(and Co.) I'm praying for your recovery. XO!
So Happy!!

Blog God said...

Congratulations Liz (and Seth) your baby is quite cute, especially for a newborn, which means he may be an ugly adult, but don't worry about that, he'll have no problems with women. With a name that means "Lord of the Grove" who would?

Mythos said...

I was wondering when the little tyke would pop out. I kept thinking to myself that if must have popped out already, but if it had, then I would have read about it on someones blog. And so I did, except it was just on yours. he's adorable, and I bet he's going to be quite the charmer when he grows older.

pigs said...

Oh well, he might get better looking as he ages, you know you weren't much to look at when you were his age...muhahahahaha! I do love the enormous breast in the corner...again a cackle with glee and my knees shake in anticipation...I will just call him Vicus....Mommy Jives, daddy Shea, and baby Vicus...

zupa said...

ohhhhhh that's a cool looking lil' dude, congrats!

Stephanie said...

Congrats Liz with Little Baby Moses!
He's beautiful as are you!
Prepare for a life of excitment and fun ,sleepless nights, 24hr baby time and a life of fulfillment!
With love and prayers,

Maybe little Judah and little Moses will be able to meet some time in the near future, ;)

Nadia said...

Awwww... the little peanut has arrived. Sorry about the C-section, Liz. I've heard it's pretty rough, but thank God he's safe and healthy and such a purty one. You did well, Liz (and Seth). Can hardly wait to meet him in person. You're so lucky and I have to agree with you that the love kind of comes out of no-where and knocks you for a loop. These little ones have us all wrapped around their tiny fingers.

Christine said...

the baby is beautiful...I love u liz congrats

Anonymous said...

very good looking newborn i have to say!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my little "Coose Coose", I miss him already. Write me Liz, don't be a rooser. I love you so much.

Kristina said...

Oh what a beautiful name! Congratulations. It's so hard to find interesting manly names. Which is why I'm thankful I had a girl. ;)

Anonymous said...

Liz I know Im very very very late on congratulating you. But um....Congratulations. He really is very really truly cute. Looks like you. I was commenting to the kids the other day when watching a "My Bible Friends" video how that little girl was a friend of mine, and they just walked in right now, so I showed them that "little girl's " baby. All grown up and motherly you are Lizzy! :D I love you. xxx (Tina)(Renae)

Liz said...

thanks Renee.. haha, that was a different little girl named Liz:)
Love you so much! xx