southern goodness.

My Uncle Robert is insane.
I'm not exaggerating in the slightest, the man is a little hitler gone wrong. It's terribly amusing if you can avoid being offended by his constant shouting, exeeding bluntness and overall inconsideration for his fellow man. I just smile and nod and listen while he rambles about religion, hunting, and queers.
In that order.

Then I thrust out my arm in a Nazi salute.

Today he got all us chilluns' out back doing manual labor on the farm. I rearranged the entire back yard. Burning piles, pitchforking, moving pallets, mowing, raking, lifing. There is ACTUALLY a bucket full of soaking boar skulls...for what?
I'm sunburned, exhausted, irritated and unfriendly feeling. I'm NEVER gonna understand Southerners. With their fake smiles and hypocrisy. The "ya'lls", the "gun dun gone's", their sentiments and ideas of jacked up trucks just bein' the raddest thing since grits were invented. All these things baffle me and I've tried, really I have, to understand, to get into their inner psyche and find out what makes their cornbread powered brains tick but it has really and truly escaped me.
So I give up.

On the upside, me and Justin Spirit did an accoustic set for a crowd of about 50 youngsters last night. Music talks where words are empty.
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.


At the deer processing plant...hmm, can you say horror film?

We/I made it to the Carolinas without any major mishaps/deaths/lost children. Crossed the Mighty Mississippi, Yelling Woman Creek, and whatever the name of that one is that divides Alabama and Georgia.
Stopped in hotels, seedy motels but thankfully never spent the night in the car.

So now I'm hanging with a house full of cousins. We ARE taking over the world, by the way, us Groves. There's so many of us...and apparently we're making love to the world and increasing our ranks. Heh, thanks Jeremy, Tanya and all you responsible for our swollen state.

This place is BFE so I'm gonna-hafta-be-a-scarce in these here postins'. Uncle Robert shot hisself a dur yesserday and skinned it in celebration of our arrival. Hopped over to our rich neighbors and played with their toys, sped around on their "Rhino" (the limo of 4-wheelers)..freaky deaky stuff.

Till next time, friends. I must get to lovemaking.


home on the range...

Am writing from a Holiday Inn somewhere in Lousianna. Started driving this morning from Texass. Am only driver. Driving children. Am wired.
Will keep you posted.

An Exxon carried "Super Rev Super Caffinated Cofee". Chugged that. Then downed a thermos of Yerba Mate. I'm going to do a couple laps around the hotel halls. Traveling rocks.



connect the dots

Courtesy of LoxyFady

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Very inspirational. What I've been trying to say all along.
I'm telling you, man, there are times when I feel my life has just been a series of mistakes and mishaps. Failures on my part and failures on the part of others.

But then, not even 10 years later, 10 Months later -- I can look back and see that everything is for a reason. There's something Bigger and Smarter that puts everything together, shakes it up good, and makes it come out as a perfect piece of work. I dunno. I guess that's where we as humans need to learn to take it all in stride, not sweat the petty things (and they're ALL petty things) and all that.

Easier said than done, I know.


we sat. we stayed. we drank. we played. goodbye.

favorite faces

beautiful women
beautiful assets
personal favorite


here am i

I've succesfully crossed the Rio Grande and am within the boundaries of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Slave. Haha. So I'm not keen on all the oversized shopping chains, people, Texas and all the rest...but everyone's entitled to their own taste and opinion blah, blah but what I AM happy about and didn't even realize I missed till pretty much this evening is:

-drinking water from the tap
-electric stoves/ovens
-cake mix in a box
-english speaking people
-cable cable cable wireless wireless wireless

There's more I'm sure but that's a good start.

I'm visiting my mommy and daddy and 8 younger siblings for 2 days. I haven't seen them for almost a year so it's always interesting to see what new teeth they've grown, skills they've aquired, how many heads taller than me they are and how my little brothers' squeaky voices have now become deep baritones. They are strangers to me....in mere months! The nerve!

More on that later for I have a hot shower to attend to.

ps. Oh, and I've got to give mad props to our chef. Good god, this woman knows how to treat guests.
What the hell is Pesto Tortellini Ravioli Pasta? Yea...that's what I said..but it's darn righteous with a glass of Californian Red Wine and a big rowdy family reunion dinner.


Get gone.

I'm packed.
An easy feat. I was counting up the times I've packed everything I've owned and moved in the past year and it's more than 6.

I hate it.

This time, though, was different. I found myself WANTING to throw things away. Things I'd held onto for years. Scraps of paper, trinkets, scribbles, even (gasp) photos and (double-gasp) my paintings from when I was 16. Don't ask, don't even question, I just did it. I didn't even feel a twinge of remorse.

Packing always depresses me. But since I'm aware of it, it doesn't make me a turd to be around. haha. See? That was a sincere chuckle. (okay, I lie. I'm grumpy and no fun)

Alright, so here's the deal. I'm going to be traveling with my aunt up to America and driving around for a month visiting relatives and doing our thing. After that, God knows.

Mexico has been a right old blast. Not so much the place, it's hot and dusty -- I mean there's the neat sights and sounds but, really, it's the PEOPLE man, the people.

You guys are the shiznit;) I love you todos.

I'll post pics of my goodbye party when I get to cable. Screw this dial up. Hasta luego!


the bleep of the sweet

I've slept, slept, slept.. I slept a whole day and a night. The night was hot and sweaty but I carried on despite all that. I fancy rather like a Livingstone or similiar in the jungles of Darkest Africa. Mosquitos the size of paper wasps trying to lap at my tasty blood but they'll get NONE.
Now, I'm not a sleeper. I'll hop up at 8 am on my day off and start wandering about (unless I'm supposed to be cleaning out the fridge; in which case I'll drop off to sleep before you can say "gross and boring-er"). Hey! The day is a'wasting and it's ALL MINE. (rubs dry palms together) But this was different..and gooood.

Now tonight we're having some kind of quality girl time "Massage Night". One of the chicks is a massuse, it's all her idea. Candles, music, tequilla, massaging and 9 girls. Yeeah. I can't wait, what a treat.
Golly bob howdy, in what world is there 9 girls and no boys? Haha! A world with Girls Massage Night, that's which!

These are just blatant blatant.

Since I don't have time (or cable) to sit around, browse the internet and come up with interesting, clever or sure-to-illicit-a-giggle links I just moooch off others who do have the time, the cleverness and/or the flair.
Music, music music. Go here and find My Friend I love the deftone sounding intro. and Lady Maria. Okay so granted those are old news, but damn those Paones and their skillz;)

THIS, however, you heard here first: Daniel Byron has come out of reclusion by way of The Fine Print and is more than worth a read and a comment and a link and whatever else strikes your fancy. But I'm giving it a nod. Scratch that, I'm giving it a furious head shake. Lovin you, brah.

I'm hungry.
I'd venture to say I'm starving...

Walk a mile
but bring your own shoes.
-- the Starving Jackrabbits


a wave came crashing like a fist to the jaw, delivered him wings...

I'm mortal but I choose to live forever.
I'm made of flesh but I've breathed of the divine.
I'm cowardly but you will Never Sway me.
Each trembling step I take screams, 'here I stand'.


indulge me a vent -- pacing the room, waving my hands in all directions, speaking to the ceiling - punctuated with strong words. restlessness....


*she shrugs her shoulders innocently and walks off as if nothing happened. That's just the way it is with women isn't it? wierdos.*