connect the dots

Courtesy of LoxyFady

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Very inspirational. What I've been trying to say all along.
I'm telling you, man, there are times when I feel my life has just been a series of mistakes and mishaps. Failures on my part and failures on the part of others.

But then, not even 10 years later, 10 Months later -- I can look back and see that everything is for a reason. There's something Bigger and Smarter that puts everything together, shakes it up good, and makes it come out as a perfect piece of work. I dunno. I guess that's where we as humans need to learn to take it all in stride, not sweat the petty things (and they're ALL petty things) and all that.

Easier said than done, I know.


Chad said...

Hands down one of the greatest speaches ever!

crazynik said...

This was past excellent

BEURIBEK said...

loved it...

I've always enjoyed connecting, connections... it's all good!

sean said...

that man is a touch 2 passionate. he's probably a liar and a coward 2 boot. smrfff snicker.

El Conde de Almaviva said...

I've just passed and realized you're in Monterrey, right? I'm from Mexico City, a place so different from the north (specially the weather) and I've read some of your experience there.

I will be reading more about you. Your blog has been linked from mine and I hope we can chat from now on to know you more.