I'm Tan?

This is a cariacature someone did of me.

Okay, maybe black hair wasn't such a good idea but my hoo-hoos look great. (hrm).
I'll be back after the weekend.


Open up my Eager Eyes

coming out of my cage and I've been doing Just Fine.


Do you really want me to talk about today? let's talk about tomorrow cause that's going to be a Grand day. i moved out of my room and into Crass's old one. It smells bad but, lucky Me, I've got my vurry own drum set AND electric geetar AND amp(thanks bud). wonder of wonders, will wonders never cease?? i'm gonna ROCK on my own two feet..not to mention that Microphone that a girl gave me at this years new years party.
I think fate is leading me down the path of fame and I can't hold it's hand tight enough. Must....Rock.....


Happy Birthday!

This was an accident but a happy accident. It should prove to be an amusing accident if nothing else....and if totally a disaster, of course, will always amuse ME. which is very important in my amusing opinion.
Incidentally, I'm also supposed to be getting the imput of two clever, amusing (to Me) girls but that might take awhile seeing as we're all girls and are incompatible with computers, so "they" would have Me believe anyway.
On another note, this is mostly fictional...especially the really personal honest details. they're all fake. i do that. don't get yourself in a tizzy.