Someone says "update", I'll update you senseless. You say "jump", I'll hop right into a flaming ring of death.
I'm a lazy loyal blogger.

I've recently started working at a Volley-Bar. (note the clever play on words.."ball" is similar to "bar"..I know, if you have to explain it..) Which means I serve food and drinks, chat with customers and take tournament/league fees. It's a hoot and a half.

I do that in the morning and then I come home to spend time with my little fartknocker who's smile has recently just become creepy. And he flashes the creepy grin at just about everyone. Which either amuses the person or sends them scurrying away unsettled.

I watched the Red Sox/Indians game tonight and the Sox won. YAY!! Not really into baseball though, boring as a beaver but that team's fun.

I think Hillary Clinton looks evil.

I am the proud owner of a Wriststrong bracelet.

The other night at Ihop I drank a mixture of every liquid on the table. It was disgusting...yet strangely exciting.

Until next time


I'll take you for who you are, if you take me for everything.

Did anyone ever notice?
Love is blind, for about 6 months.
And then it gets SUPER X-RAY THERMAL NIGHT vision upgrade. Which I guess comes as a bit of an adjustment for little blind lover. But cool nonetheless I guess.
Because if the details that become apparent during Super X-Ray Thermal Night vision don't freak you out then we're in the clear.

Cheers lovers. It's a badass sport.