It's what you do to me

Just a thank you for putting up with all my Crazies!
The girly the badly and the ugly.

I guess I just got really lucky.

You have to learn to hump before you learn to crawl

When Avi tries to hoist himself onto all fours he wobbles uncontrollably in a wierd back-and-forth humping motion. I try to be supportive of all his new accompishments but some are really just point-and-laugh.

Don't worry bunny, I laugh at your daddy too.

Jesus must have been Emo.

I was listening to that song Haven sings "You say you love my Jesus?". There's some prize lines in that one.


If a Man forsake not all that he has he cannot be My disciple.

Kind of made me muse a little.
It's easy to just assume that we've given up everything since we're "bona fide disciples" but honestly, what have you given up? What have I? Specifically TO. BE. a disciple.


That Rock Concert Camp-a-Dingy

I somehow attended Wordstock IV this year. This will make it the second WS that I've attended and the second time I've spent five anxious days wondering when I'll be discovered for the imposter that I am and forcibly removed by large arms hefting me under the armpits. Haha.

I'm going to force a show of expertise limited by my, count: not one but two, TWO whole Wordstocks to say that this one was the best so far. Not only were there extra special bands present a la STEM y Metanoya y Red Sky but there was also a Salad Bar!
Let me die happy.

I brought my little punkabilly Avicus with me which was fine until I wanted to do anything that didn't involve him. That would invariably bring up a conflict of interests.
Say, having a grown-up conversation or putting on makeup in the morning. I wanted 15 minutes to wash my face and hide the pockmarks and he wanted to see what kind of a base jump he could make from off the side of the bed onto tile floor.
I don't mean to brag but I got pretty adept at producing distracting trinkets to dissuade him from the imminent freefall.

Most favoritest: Concerts.
These guys were so swell and so tight I would have totally moshed if I had any kind of balls. Maybe you are relieved to learn I have none.
Yes, unfortunately, I am as cowardly as..well, a coward. You don't read my blog for the mincing of words.

Least favoritest: Mealtimes.
Early in the morning, before you've even shaken the remaining imprints of your dreams, you're made to parade in front of 300+ people feeling like all their hot little eyes (you know who you are, Beady Little Eyeballs!!) are upon you as you pray to find a chair that will open up in the earth and swallow you. Oh the walk of shame.

I want to give a major shoutout to all my homies of the jett/teen posse who get mad props for bein the shizit in their disciplin. Also for taking time out of their busy skedjool to slap a high five my way. Words fail me, for realz.

I wish I could give a list of all my the people who made me grin but it would be lengthy and I don't want to accidentally exclude anyone. Count yourself as one of them.


under the radar.

Do you know how it is when you're sitting in a dark room with just the alien like glow of the computer illuminating your face and you've got a drink on the bedside table to your right.
Your hand reaches out for the drink that Is Not There and that's how you become Hand Sweeping Ninja.
Your face gets this little "I'm trying to penetrate the glossy blackness" squint and your hand makes slow sweeping gestures like a metal-detector trying to locate your Stealth Drink, all the while hoping your night vision kicks in.

If you've never looked stupid in this way, I haven't either.


Halt, fiend!

Makes me want to get back into watercolors.

And make you kiss me.