Evangelize me!

Our next door neighbors are young Mormon missionary boys.
I've been keeping tabs on them for a while and I count four.
Four bikes on the porch, four little helmets neatly in a row.

I have to admit I'm terribly intrigued by them. All I've heard of Mormonism is that they don't drink coffee, alcohol (of course), keep many wives on their farms back home -- and God lives on a planet and has sex with Spirit Ladies to create Souls.
They also got some revelatory stones but then they got taken back? (indian givers)
All this is too much for my curious little mind!

So I'm out to get proselytized.

I see them every day, shiny little faces, badges proclaiming them "elders" neatly pinched on their starched shirts; getting geared up to win the world one neighborhood at a time.

I try to look as sheepy as possible.

I smile and instigate conversations such as "Hi".

So far, my mission is not going well. They've probably seen my little balled belly and decided that I must be living in sin and already dammed to Hell-fhar! and Tarnation!

Aw shucks, say I. Maybe I should invite them over for coffee...


you know, while I was coming back down...


Now that I got the obligatory Wordstock Mentions out of the way, (DEO, DEO, DEO. SOE) I can give all the obligatory excuses as to my non-existent blog.
But I'm just too lazy.

That's the whole problem, see? I snagged my wiry young brother Oli from his Dingy Desk of Doom. He's too nerdy for his own good, so the cure was a weeklong vacation with...me!! Mostly a sneaky excuse for me to take another week off to trot around and enjoy.

So now it's settled in my very marrows, I'm just too lazy.

In my defense, we did it all.
Sleeping till twelve, doughnuts for breakfast, Asterix and Obelix comic books, honing of spiritual skilz, camping at Padre Island, and all manner of vegetation.
Inactivity can be so tiring.

Best of the best was digging up old DOS games from childhood, Prince of Persia, Sokoban, Atomix, Warcraft. All those things we thot were just TOO DARN COOL when days were simpler and we were easily amazed. I guess you just can't get too far from your nerdy roots.

Yesterday though, I finally dregged myself up from my disorderly little nest of strewn clothes, books, bedding and snackitos and put everything back to rights.
and my head.

I wanted to post an obligatory photo of us grinning happily, to verify my story and you'd think "LOOK HOW SMILEY THEY ARE! WHAT JOY IMMEASURABLE!" it would make this post really POP! but I had none.
So who are these people?
No idea, but they sure do look happy to be there.


Will this happen often?

A stranger rubbed my tummy in a very familiar way while I was out and about, chittered some questions about progressive months, complimented, and was gone.

I was unsettled and rebuked the Devil in case she put a hex on Moses.

You never know these days.


fish out of water

This is no longer artistic.
This is no longer information for my family or my friends.
I have no reason for being.
I don't want to be cool anymore.
I want to find a soft little spot to lie down in.
-- the blog

On the other hand, I - Liz, am grooming Moses for world domination. He sleepeth but soon shall be awakened and then, oh then, stand in utter stupefication at what shall be.

I've got so much to do with myself.

p.s. I like Chuck . She always makes me laugh.


Once in a millenium..

On Thursday 4th May 2006, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 am, the time and date will be:

01:02:03 04.05.06

That won't happen again until 3006

Fancy that.