fish out of water

This is no longer artistic.
This is no longer information for my family or my friends.
I have no reason for being.
I don't want to be cool anymore.
I want to find a soft little spot to lie down in.
-- the blog

On the other hand, I - Liz, am grooming Moses for world domination. He sleepeth but soon shall be awakened and then, oh then, stand in utter stupefication at what shall be.

I've got so much to do with myself.

p.s. I like Chuck . She always makes me laugh.


Chuck said...

I like Liz - she always makes me feel unworthy.

P.S. This is in a very GOOD way that she makes me feel unworthy.

MAVILIN said...

I like liz too! i love her smile on ALU. such a cool girl oh wait, you don't want to be cool. well anyhow, i'm guessing that your blog is ONLY for your friends...and yourself...because it's a lil boring...well, I love you anyway.


Charlock said...

Never fear, the blog, is always here.

ZERO said...

You are one delinquent a.c.e.