Lest you think...

..that I've left out a wedding...
I haven't.
It cometh.

It's just one of those things that take a while to get out...

In the interim, this is a righteous photograph:


Two weddings and a...full frontal?

Fine, I give in!

The last two weeks were those of straight-up, hardcore weddings. Kicking it off was Jazz and Clare doing The Deed as only they could, Gypsy Style:

In honor of the couple.
Clare is one of the most beautiful people I know, because it's as much insde as on outside. She deserves all the happiness life can fling at her in return for all the love she exudes, without ever seeming to run out or get exasperated.
add to that Jaz's high energy and superhuman inspiration makes being around them a constant adventure. High praise in my book.

I WAS looking forward to the climax of the event, the part where they finally consumate their love in the middle of the camp while all us guests gather around in a circle chanting: hoohaha hoohaha in an ever frantic pitch.

Somehow that one didn't materialize. I also somehow missed their streaking through the room at the height of festivities. Dang it. Why does this always happen to me?

However, their food was plenteous, beer was Busch, freedom and love oozed and abounded as we sat and exchanged pleasantries -- I made a new barbaric friend and Tony O'Fogartus and I sang a song to the lovebirds in way of a toast that we had written up pretty much on the drive down there. (I was given the title of "Maid of Honor". Beats out "Official Bottle Opener" for sure.)

So Congratulations!

May you live each day like your last,
and live each night like your first...or something;)


The Soundtrack

And I
am flawed
But I am cleaning up so well
I am seeing in me now
The things you swore you saw yourself

I try.
Such a little word but with so much substance.
Almost endless.

I really do apologize for all this abstract.
I AM brooding quite exclusively. It'll all bust free any minute now....any minute...

I just knew it!!

My life could be in danger.

I will be keeping you updated on how to donate to the "Save the Liz" fund. Thank you for your concern. Peace.

p.s. note the heartrenching picture of the graveyard...


I am a frustrating singalong

I haven't even been able to keep up with myself in the past month. Much less let you in on all the magnificent details...

How can I make it up to you?

Oh wait! I have something cool to say.

I took an AIDS test last week. Why? No, I haven't been living riotously or dabbling with unsafe needles. It's simply part of the procedure I have to undergo when applying for entry into God's Last Endtime Army.

Right. So I went in for testing. Sweaty palmed, dry tongued. I'm terrified of their bloodsucking, see? It's alright to get shots, heck, I'll even subject myself to the occasional tattoo....it's when they start taking stuff from me, stuff that's not theirs in the first place, that I start to feel not quite right.

Like, unconsciously, not quite right. Like, Seriously.

Put it this way. Last time I got an AIDS test I passed out....twice. Freaks.

This time, I'm at the usual introductions. They're asking me all sorts of intimate things about my life and I'm replying with all the usual sarcasm and chuckles.
I'm about sick by now, wishing they'd stop being so damn sadistic and just stick me with their torture prods and be done already when The Ethnic Angel calmly rips open a package and tells me to rub a cotton swab over my gums and "will I be prepared to receive the results in 20 minutes?"

What the...?


I'm positive I'm negative (no duh) and I'll be durned if I couldn't take one everyday! End of the World, Force to Be Reckoned With, prepare yourself for my entry!


bomb fields in winter

Don'tcha just love it when the moon is big enough to cast shadows?

It gives that added punch to the otherwise tame nights.


Friendly Banter

Charlotte (my younger sister), having just taken a shower cuddles with Justin on the couch:

Justin: UGH!! You're so wet!!

Charlotte: (snidely) That's what they all say...

Gross! I didn't just hear that!


a carefully considered reflection

I've got this wierd little cough that only starts at 10:30 every evening and is gone by morning.
Couple that with the fact my voice went out last week WITHOUT any provocation whatsoever, leaving me stranded with a hoarse little squeak.

I'm beginning to think my throat is haunted.


Cheapening Heaven

Did you hear that they nicknamed the 10th planet they found "Xena" after the unbelievably chintzy TV show?
Also discovered was it's moon, which has been dubbed Gabriella, after her faithful traveling sidekick.

I wonder what astronomers of old would say -- those who named celestial bodies after gods, the Almighties of their day -- if told that modern scientists name the stars after their favorite defecations.