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the Second Exodus (by which I reference the First Exodus led by Moses, as opposed to the Second, where I carry Moses)

Where have you been?

Where have I been?

Where HAVE I been?

It's been, what? almost a month since anything shiny and new has appeared on this desolate and forsaken webspace. Even the faithful must have given up hope.
I don't blame you.

Okay, so let's get you up to speed:
Made plans to escape the Valley. Easier said than done (those of you who've been there, know of what I speak). It's a one way ticket with no station on the other end. Unless you get a direct revelation from God saying "Go forth", I'd advice a more circuitous route if you're heading towards say, Mexico or The Americas del Sud. By which I mean fly, take a boat or just drive like the dickens looking neither to right hand nor to the left.
Anyhow, enough about that.

Plans were hatched, preparations were made. A stealthy side-step move was put into play by traveling to Harlingen for a day or three so as to trick the Valley Spirits into thinking we were simply visiting friends. Yes, it was sly.

Patience was our constant companion and vigilance our daily bread, alright - ramen was too. At last, deliverance was at hand. With ne'er a backwards nod, the trusty getaway car, packed to the ears with all earthly possessions we squealed out of town..(okay so the back wheels scraped out of town but hey, who's telling this story?) and Austin, ho!

I skip over the tedious middle bits and land on the spot I am now. Sitting crosslegged on the floor, laptop balanced precariously on my kneecaps as I survey my new domain.
God did a miracle and supplied us with a roof over our heads and there's food in the fridgerator. I am of all men, most richly blessed. I need nothing more...except maybe a couple pesos in the bank, that would be nice too.

Carry on with your life now...

he just said it much better than I ever do

"To choose doubt doubt as a philosophy of life is akin to choosing immobility as a means of transportation." -- Yann Martel



France: 1 Brazil: 0
and I dance a little jig.