you know, while I was coming back down...


Now that I got the obligatory Wordstock Mentions out of the way, (DEO, DEO, DEO. SOE) I can give all the obligatory excuses as to my non-existent blog.
But I'm just too lazy.

That's the whole problem, see? I snagged my wiry young brother Oli from his Dingy Desk of Doom. He's too nerdy for his own good, so the cure was a weeklong vacation with...me!! Mostly a sneaky excuse for me to take another week off to trot around and enjoy.

So now it's settled in my very marrows, I'm just too lazy.

In my defense, we did it all.
Sleeping till twelve, doughnuts for breakfast, Asterix and Obelix comic books, honing of spiritual skilz, camping at Padre Island, and all manner of vegetation.
Inactivity can be so tiring.

Best of the best was digging up old DOS games from childhood, Prince of Persia, Sokoban, Atomix, Warcraft. All those things we thot were just TOO DARN COOL when days were simpler and we were easily amazed. I guess you just can't get too far from your nerdy roots.

Yesterday though, I finally dregged myself up from my disorderly little nest of strewn clothes, books, bedding and snackitos and put everything back to rights.
and my head.

I wanted to post an obligatory photo of us grinning happily, to verify my story and you'd think "LOOK HOW SMILEY THEY ARE! WHAT JOY IMMEASURABLE!" it would make this post really POP! but I had none.
So who are these people?
No idea, but they sure do look happy to be there.


Anonymous said...

Thats obviously a freeze frame from the beggining of Unlikely Pornographic Scenarios IV (UPS). Don't you know anything?

Liz said...

good to know i have readers knowledgeable on these topics:)

ZERO said...

Are you kidding?

From the look on the middle man's face, it's highly probable that you will see porn shortly.

zupa said...


Andruss said...

sokoban rules!!

BarbarianDave said...

If this is a prelude to porn,I'm just trying to figure out why she's holding a stop watch. I guess one of them is suffering from E.D., but that's nothing to be smiling about.