Happy Birthday!

This was an accident but a happy accident. It should prove to be an amusing accident if nothing else....and if totally a disaster, of course, will always amuse ME. which is very important in my amusing opinion.
Incidentally, I'm also supposed to be getting the imput of two clever, amusing (to Me) girls but that might take awhile seeing as we're all girls and are incompatible with computers, so "they" would have Me believe anyway.
On another note, this is mostly fictional...especially the really personal honest details. they're all fake. i do that. don't get yourself in a tizzy.


Anonymous said...

Hail Lizz,
I am finally able to deviously post with you. Here's to a future of Blogging and Computer illterate people...

Charlotte said...

P.S. Now that i'm here...who's the other girl?

anita said...

Hail lovers,
long life and many happy blogging days. SCORE