At the deer processing plant...hmm, can you say horror film?

We/I made it to the Carolinas without any major mishaps/deaths/lost children. Crossed the Mighty Mississippi, Yelling Woman Creek, and whatever the name of that one is that divides Alabama and Georgia.
Stopped in hotels, seedy motels but thankfully never spent the night in the car.

So now I'm hanging with a house full of cousins. We ARE taking over the world, by the way, us Groves. There's so many of us...and apparently we're making love to the world and increasing our ranks. Heh, thanks Jeremy, Tanya and all you responsible for our swollen state.

This place is BFE so I'm gonna-hafta-be-a-scarce in these here postins'. Uncle Robert shot hisself a dur yesserday and skinned it in celebration of our arrival. Hopped over to our rich neighbors and played with their toys, sped around on their "Rhino" (the limo of 4-wheelers)..freaky deaky stuff.

Till next time, friends. I must get to lovemaking.


Charlock said...


anita said...

isn't incest legal in the carolinas? /:)

watch your step...

Chad said...

A one horse town, where the only gene they don't share is hygene?
Just tell Uncle Buck that you don't think it'll work out between you because you're allergic to mullets.

You gonna do any hunting while you're there? (That way you can come back with pictures like Rambo and tales of Annie Oakley prowess)

Liz said...

I'm fixin' to shoot me a wild bar. And don't get me started on the hillbilly jokes, chad. A hundred just popped into mind..hehe.