Get gone.

I'm packed.
An easy feat. I was counting up the times I've packed everything I've owned and moved in the past year and it's more than 6.

I hate it.

This time, though, was different. I found myself WANTING to throw things away. Things I'd held onto for years. Scraps of paper, trinkets, scribbles, even (gasp) photos and (double-gasp) my paintings from when I was 16. Don't ask, don't even question, I just did it. I didn't even feel a twinge of remorse.

Packing always depresses me. But since I'm aware of it, it doesn't make me a turd to be around. haha. See? That was a sincere chuckle. (okay, I lie. I'm grumpy and no fun)

Alright, so here's the deal. I'm going to be traveling with my aunt up to America and driving around for a month visiting relatives and doing our thing. After that, God knows.

Mexico has been a right old blast. Not so much the place, it's hot and dusty -- I mean there's the neat sights and sounds but, really, it's the PEOPLE man, the people.

You guys are the shiznit;) I love you todos.

I'll post pics of my goodbye party when I get to cable. Screw this dial up. Hasta luego!


Daniel Byron said...

Well have fun Liz, hope you didn't throw away anything to irreplaceable.

chad said...

A tear for me, and a tear for thee Tigulinus.
Sucks you had to go.
"It's as if a little part a little part of sick boy died when she left that day, never to return; and he was never the same again." - Renton

anita said...

quit moaning you turd. :D
you better be driving 90 the entire way here. love ya.

Florecita said...

Well, climatically speaking, the north does leave a lot to be desired. It gets better down south.
But who cares about the weather.
Regarding the keeeewlness of the people... you came to the right place, baby!

Heh. Vive le north!

meanwhile said...


I just passed by.


Me encanta la foto detu profile


zayne said...

have a fun trip.


Liz said...

thweetness! i miss you guys already. I'll be expecting my little corner right and dandy when I return.

Florecita said...

You're welcome to any corner of ours. (Except for the one where we keep dirty laundry)