These are just blatant blatant.

Since I don't have time (or cable) to sit around, browse the internet and come up with interesting, clever or sure-to-illicit-a-giggle links I just moooch off others who do have the time, the cleverness and/or the flair.
Music, music music. Go here and find My Friend I love the deftone sounding intro. and Lady Maria. Okay so granted those are old news, but damn those Paones and their skillz;)

THIS, however, you heard here first: Daniel Byron has come out of reclusion by way of The Fine Print and is more than worth a read and a comment and a link and whatever else strikes your fancy. But I'm giving it a nod. Scratch that, I'm giving it a furious head shake. Lovin you, brah.

I'm hungry.
I'd venture to say I'm starving...

Walk a mile
but bring your own shoes.
-- the Starving Jackrabbits


Daniel Byron said...

Hey Liz thanks for the mention...I was actually thinking of posting our lyrics up on my blog...but thought they might be a bit controversial....:)

ZERO said...

I see you liked My Friend.
I did I.
I fear that I will burn it out, I listen to it far to much.

Liz said...

i'm working on listening myself sick.

oh dan, you MUST post at least the choicest parts...in payment for never sending them to me>:)

Anonymous said...

Only one paone in ROD, and he didnt come up with any of the arrangements. Lets give honor to where honor is due for once and congratulate the real kings of ROD. Sam and Chris