"I'd rather be fighting with you than making love to anybody else."

I've just finished watching a true blue chick flick. WITH chicks.
Twas a novelty I've rarely indugled in.

This scene involved a giant bowl of popcorn, a coupla bottles of Coors Light and a wonderful, Wonderful dark German beer who's name I can't pronounce but will try harder to in future.
The movie was stereotype, the lead male being a suave, masculine, crazily sexy dude who knows what he wants and will not stop at any feeble girly attempts to dissuade him because after all, tis for the sake of luuuuve.
All following the same rehashed cliches, all working out swimmingly in the end.

The girls squealed with delight. I secretly was charmed, but scoffed, too cynical to be taken in.
I suppose that's what movies are for though.

In summary, the highlight of the evening was the plesha of hanging out with girlfriends, being gay and lighthearted.
I somehow feel I missed a lot of that along the way.


anita said...

as they say. everythings better with beer.

sean said...

or pink tinted vodka

Gabe said...

Good stuff.
Noticed your Rebellion of David link is not working...
Might wanna do something about that ;)

Liz said...

all better. tsk tsk
you Rod fanatic, you:)

Anonymous said...

Great movie, left me all warm and tingly inside.

Charlock said...

Man I just finished watching that movie, right before I got on line! It's not my type of movie, but there was that one part where she is standing with her quirky/awesome couson, and the dude turns around and winks at them, and her couson goes blank faced and says "oh god I just came." I laughed, I cried, it moved me. HA. Twas the best part I say!

florecita said...

Hey I watched that movie in the exact same chick setting. How very educational.
Did you know all historical movies have a bad ending? I really had never noticed, but the chick-flick watchers assure me that this is a well-established fact.

Liz said...

heh, charlock. That was mine as well:)
ha florecita. I suppose it's all in what they deem "bad" ...realistic?

Raven said...

Darn it, darn it did you have to mention that. To me it was rare that there was a bad ending to most historical movies, well I'm sure there must be one with a "good" ending.