all because..

The last week has been MAD. Volunteering at the shelter a couple times a week, keeping the home fires roaring and hot. Folks coming from all around to help out. Which means I'm gonna be partying (after hours of course) and not spending time sitting here writing about what I'm not doing at the moment that I'm sitting. Dummy.

THEN to sweeten the deal, Hurricane Rita threatens a nasty blow and we've got thousands more evacuees from Houston to contend with. We've actually opened our own home to some of them. That's because we have hearts the size of Texas Trucks.

I spent today at one such shelter. An abandoned Wal-mart. Three frikin thousand people. Just there. All over the place. No order, nothing. Not to worry, we were an efficient and professional team and pretty much just took the place over, yup, I'd say we were running the joint by the end of the day. But look, I'll talk about it later. I'm gonna go kick back and tell stories with the gang. Pictures will follow shortly.

Oh by the way, if you could just go ahead and pray we don't get lamblasted by SenorRita that would just be great. You're the best.

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memory junkie said...

Will do. Hope all's well over there, she was nasty one and thw hole worlds praying for you guys at the moment. Its been a preety tough couple of months thanks to mother nature and her ceaseless reminders that we dont own anything.
God bless and take care from the far side.