Katrina Relief

Ya know, I Want to be angry. I Want to rant and shake my head. I want to cry for everyone involved, who've lost loved ones and homes.
Reading all the posts, the stories, the news. I'm amazed but not surprised that such a situation could actually happen in the ol' USofA. All I'm gonna say is, what did we expect?
I'm past berating Bush.
It's but another in a long line of failures.
And another prime example of why I don't put Faith in men, or their words.

What Does sadden me is the immediate reaction to this disaster. You'd think that in the face of such devastation, everyone would bond together, pulling to make things better. No, there's got to be looting, rape and armed gangs terrorizing the streets. And you want to tell me the world's getting better?
I wonder what one of the "lesser" countries of the world that we're trying to teach "how to live right" would have done in a similar situation?

More on a personal level, I know it can't be easy not having electricity and water for a week, and my heart goes out to everyone I know in Florida. Super praying and hoping that you guys are making it alright.

We'll be helping out with the relief effort here in San Antonio. Apparently something like 25,000 refugees are being sent over so we're committing our time and manpower to do all we can to help out.

But what a shame.


Clare said...

I went to help out in triage at the Astro dome yesterday, and I had to struggle against crying all day, it's so heartbreaking what people are going through. I know this sort of thing happens all over the world all the time, but when it's this close it really hits home and so I'm ashamed of ever complaining about anything- I'm the richest woman in the world because I have my Family!

LoxyFady said...

I'm not excusing those people who are looting for selfish reasons (if indeed there were those) but what the media hadn't mentioned was that many of them were looting for food and water. Bush said there would be 'no tolerance' and then he dragged his rear at getting them help. On TV last night I saw footage of a police man standing in front of a food store telling them not to go in looting, and then saying "but I understand that you hve to do what you have to do to survive." I know what I would have to do if it were my baby that was hungry and thirsty.

My heart is so broken for these people. I can't bear it.

Anonymous said...

There are still poor trapped in neighbourhoods (with no food or water for a week now) that are being ignored by the government. I'm telling you, some people are really gonna answer to God for this...

Liz said...

Oh, I completely understand about the survival factor, Loxy, and I'd certainly do the same. I'm talking about rape and murder Inside the Superdome itself. Sick people. I agree, the need is so raw and overwhelming you almost just wanna go hide under your pillow.

LoxyFady said...

You're right, it's almost unfathomable that there would be some who would only use the devistation as license to do more harm, taking advantage of the already weakend state of the people. And shame on the authorities who have done the same.

Miss M said...

watch this