Empress Zao

I love my little sister. I really do.
Like, I can't stand sharing a room with her and sometimes I just wish she'd find someone else to share her latest dorky pick-up line with. But then, you can't replace laughing late at night in the dark while making "pyscho-boy" voices and singing: "I like to mooove it, mooove it! Feesically fit, feesically fit, feesically feesically feesically....."
Or putting on her best KGB accent and sagely advising:"My friend from KGB say, when leetle dog bites you -- pull out machine gun and bite leetle dog back."

No one makes me laugh as spontaneously as she does. For example, one of our housemates is a Chilean girl who recently spent some years in China. Charlotte has picked up on this and proceeds to nudge her all day with her supposed asian background, namely, dubbing her: Empress Zao - or when feeling tender My sweet Ling.

"Is that your green tea, boiling on the stove?"

"You look clumsy when you use a fork."

"How do you like our culture here? Is it very different? The two sets of twins must be a shocker."

Extends hand, "Tobacco. I come in peace."

"See, here Rossi, we keep our dog as a pet."

"I dont know how you do in China but here...."

And then last night, I hear a whisper exchanged and then a exasperated, "CHAAR-LOTTE!"

Charlotte leans over and whispers conspiratorily, "I asked her when they unbound her feet."


Miss B said...

I LUV your family!

Jesse said...

Charlotte is hilarious!! That is genius pure and simple.

Roses are blue said...

hahaha, oh boy I miss charlotta

Egan said...

I have five siblings. They are very fun to hang out with, in small doses.

Dulcinea said...

Char is a riot...I miss my KGB partner. I want to spank her into oblivion...hee hee.love you