how to dissapear completely and never be found

I lay in bed last night mostly awake. Kicked off the covers because it was hot and watched the light through the slats turn from purple to blue to light grey.
I wasn't bored but I didn't know what to do with myself because at the same time I think I was mostly dreaming.

There's nothing better than waking up late because it's your day off to a steady grey rain. It wraps you in a cozy feeling better than a down feather blanket..well, almost. add to that an apple and a goood read.

So I pattered out, barefoot, and sat on the front steps watching the pre-dawn drizzle.
When it became not too early to make coffee before you look like an addict, I brewed myself and my little brother a tasty potful. He's eating Nutella with his crepes. The little turd.

I then went back and sat on the steps, read, pondered and grew bigger and wiser on the inside.

This has been a lazy post hasn't it?
Enjoy your day.


Hobbyns said...

Ah, Radiohead. Only the best band EVER!

Florence said...

I like this post. It gave me a feeling.
Those are actually the words of Elaina...but I agree.

Gabe said...

Thats my signature...
Oh well.. I loved the boy as my own brother.. heh

Liz said...

you two greedily hoard that stuff..nargh

and you Could start loving him as your own cousin, cousin;)

Gabe said...

you're a sick one.
I was never one for that kind inter family "closeness".
But for you I might make an exception ;)
You know, for old times sake...

Liz said...

i'll tell you what, son..