A title for this post.

I'm sitting at a coffee shop with some man vocalizing heartfeeling-ly over the speakers. I think it's meant to be soothing but it makes me sort of anxious. There are grackles brazenly pecking the leftovers of my migas from off the plate. But most of all it's gloriously quiet and I have 15 minutes all selfishly for me.

I'm going to be moving from out of my apartment and into a house next, also going to Art school within the next couple months, God willing. Something I've wanted since I had concious thought. I'm excited and nervous and think I should start practicing my sketching.
I figure I also get more excuses for when I have bad behavior because I can just chalk it up to my "artistic temperament". Tortured genius, that's me.

All in all, the last month has been a very happy one for me. Since moving to Austin it's been a bit of a trick for me, adapting, stretching my comfort zone, clarifying my beliefs and morals - it's all still a work in progress but it's definitely changed me. Hopefully, for the better.

My friend has just joined me and ordered a beer. Temptation comes in the form of a woman holding Lone Star and I'm only human.
Check out this cool sign we saw while we were house hunting. HAHA

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crazynik said...

Yay...I like being classified as temptation ;)