Busy week

Holy God, SXSW is in town again and that means I'm going to be working overtime. I bartend in a bar on 6th St. which is a very busy street for bars. I love/am amused by all the interesting people that this event brings into town.

We do a drink called a Flaming dr. Pepper and two foreigners (English and Australian, I believe) ordered a round. Seeing as you're dealing with fire, we ask people to step to either side of the path of flame. Somehow my arms parting motion was translated to them as turn around, hands on the wall and spread 'em which erupted the whole bar into laughs.
I don't know how you do it in your country, but here, we're not that invasive.

Also, I'm doing the gym thing again but this time, I'm doing it right. By right, I mean Spandex and right never felt so wrong. Maybe with time I'll treat you to pictures of my abnormally well-formed Trapezius muscles.

Peace out.

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