After months of wondering at his development..

I'm so not a bragger but I'm pretty stoked right now about my two-year old. Now, I'm not an expert so I'm sure this is normal and all the pros will be like "yes yes, settle down. We were excited too at our firstlings." And between their teeth: "sheesh, newbies.."

Okay, first off his imagination would make Lewis Carroll proud. Besides being an avid fan of reading (sleeping with a favorite story under his arm at night), as I type he's gone for building a little village out of tented books, has turtles, finger puppets and Larry the Cucumber as residents and is pretending that they're going two by two for a scuba adventure - right after he made a "go-cart" out of our couch, using cushions for the wheels and was very emphatic about the structural soundess of it's engine. I know these are his ideas and not mine in that it takes me about 5 minutes to decipher his pronounced baby accent, especially since the longer I take to guess what he's saying the more desperate and garbled his words sound.

He puts binoculars over his eyes strolling around the house. When questioned,
'Whatcha doin' there, budding Peeper.'

'I'm birdwatching.'

Secondly, the kid has a larger vocabulary than some grownups I find myself speaking with.
ipod? (haha, this one is our fault. nerds)
speaks in full sentences.

The only problem I have is that he dons a pullup which looks more like a war casualty than his intended "crown" and prances around the house on his "green dragon" which looks more like a mop calling himself a Princess.

Is it too early for gender definition?


Chad said...


Charlock said...

hahahaha! thats funny!

crazynik said...

Such a cutie pie!!!

Jason said...

Hes a clever little boy.

Miss B said...

Liz, he has totally stolen your look in that last pic. A spitten image of mommy!

Jaz, Clare & Dune said...

i'm trying to call you but arrrghhh.. your phone!!

Liz said...

haha. mischief

GeminiSide said...

Haven saw it too, as soon as I saw the last photo, ♫ Mother let me live..... flashed through my head.