Catching a bus

No one meets each other's eyes anymore. Why do you think?


Chuck said...

Its Canada's fault

Blame Canada!

Miss M said...

Maybe they are intimidated by you cuz you look tough. :P People generally make eye contact with me, even sometimes more so than I would prefer. I am of the opinion that people's level of confidence reflects in their ability (or inability) to make eye contact. That's just me!

andruss said...

because we are afraid you might find out that which we are trying to hide

Yours Truly said...

heres to the blogging nation...

i salute you time wasters, keep on reading about that billy bob guy that you never met, and dont forget to add him to your "best friends" list, he might get insulted if you don't, and when you adress him, you had better use his "blog" name alius Brad Hunk Pitt aka Neorpheus-Holy-Trinity aka I'm single. i encourage you to spend that extra hour online and neglect the extra word time, skip out on spending time with your Family. Blogging is what really counts in life, its a way of opening up and telling all those freaks out there,"hay, my grandpa-in-law, just had his birthday give him a big internet hug."
oh and dont we all love those compromise pictures that look like innocent teens fooling around and having fun, but then, oh my, you get wise and say "im proud to be in the Family". dosent that give the Family such a good name.
"Oh yeah i no all about the Family theyre always posting pictures of girls in bikinis,and what they call "teen game night", Hot shit, haha."

Lets just say this. i wouldn't put it far from God to send a wave of consequence in the form of Bad Publicity. (i am not even in the Family and never have been, evrything i know about you i learned from the internet)

Yours Truly