Hairy Little Monster.

Last weekend we celebrated the 18th *read: barely legal* birthday of my tres awesome roomie with a trip to the local Two-Steppin' watering hole.

Things I love about HLM:

  • Her unique sense of humor. Dry, quirky with a hint of the sinister.
  • Her stoneresque quality of thought. Totally abstract.
  • Her genuine personality. Just about the most real and laid back girl I know and dude, I can talk with you about anything, on the level yo.
  • Telling random strangers who ask you to dance you have a fake leg, that being the first excuse that pops in to your head. What?? Hahaha.

For serious advice:
One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it's one worth watching.


1 comment:

Joan said...

happy super belated birthday purdy one!!

love love, Jessica...Jennifer... Jasime....JOANIE!