I've been sleeping too little.
Drinking too much
Having envious thoughts towards my neighbor.
Taken the Lord's name in vain.
Been a hypocrite.
Faked it.
Been reckless.
Dropped my standards.
Been rebellious.
Lived short of my potential.
Having impure thoughts towards my neighbor.
Let pride get in the way of my interactions with others (this one hurts)
Pushed my way.
Loved too little.
Spoken badly about my neighbor.

This list could go on, sirs. I am the smallest of God's creatures.
Someone recently gave me an awesome compliment and then asked how I stayed humble; I almost had to laugh. I have more than enough badness in me to keep me feeling about this high for a lifetime and realizing how much I need to be forgiven for.

I can't thank you enough for seeing the good in me, those of you who do. I'm so lucky. Oh well, tomorrows another day.

And neighbor, I'm truly sorry.


Anonymous said...

I love you NIKITA :o)

Anonymous said...

Aww Liz, thats beautiful and takes humility too to do that. Love you.

loxy said...

So you're human...even more reason to like you. Right?

(I wish I could have talked with you at the wedding more, but I think I had my hands full. :( )