I'll recount then reconnoiter..

Ok dude. I have all these pictures from Cali/Mexico that I'm trying to put online but where? Suggestions?
I'm all about instant gratification. Preferably something that doesn't take signing my soul away for a month to the Gods of Spam.

But let me tell you a bit about my vacashion. Yes, I purposely slurred that "shon" because that's probably what was going on while I was there.

Word of the day: Tequila.

Never been much of a Tequila drinker. Was first introduced to it only in my early twenties. Yet I made a commitment to the HeretoforeUnkownLiquor to tuck it away for the duration of my vacashion.

Here's a little example of how it went down. I'm honest because I only wish for the young and impressionable to learn from my mistakes

Morning: Margaritas and Mexican Coffees for breakfast.
Elevensies: Tequila y Fresca.
Noon: Tequila Anonymous atop Ziggurat. Bring your own plastic cup.
Break for nap.
Late afternoon: Pacifico with a twist of Tequila.
Evening: Shots with Salt & Lime.

Although I can honestly say I was never "beyond capacity" as I like spacing out my tasty beverages, I was definitely "buttered and lightly toasted" a couple, few times.
But hey, isn't that what one does on vacashion on Mehico?

Highlights were:
Shoot..so many people to name.
Andrew and Liz
Jason and Clara
(Congratulations all around. Beautiful wedding, some of my favorite people. I'm so glad you actually exist Clara..ask Jason)
Jer and Angie. Thanks for the sleep over, the naked pillow fights, the awesome company.

(to be continued) Yea. Don't even think you could slip by under the radar. I got your number (and possibly your neighbor). Meet me by the docks. Alone.

As proof, some pictures.

As I was saying. Those docks. 2am. Bring some Tequila.


loxy said...

ahahaha...if you have to have a naked pillow fight those would be The Two People to have it with.

Goddamn it, it sucks being the only sober person at a wedding. I guess it'll be a few years before I get to enjoy a "real" Mexican "vacashion".


Another Gemini Side said...

I can't believe you posted that who (The Grinch) faced picture..

Anonymous said...

Has ANYONE posted pictures of this wedding? I SO want to see some, and can't seem to find many. What the heebajeebees is going on here??!!

florecita said...

I'm with Charlock. What is up???

Charlotte said...

Happy birthday Liz!!! Hope you had a wonderful huge party!!

Spartico said...

Bad things happened there. Bad bad things.

Anonymous said...

go on Jason's, Paula's, Nadia's blog for starters..
a lil blog hopping for you lazy ppl

Claire said...

hey Liz, it was cool meeting you..you have such a cute boy.
take care..
-claire (my son had a crush on you at the wedding..hehe)

Anonymous said...

Is that Meryllee?