Hang me out to dry.

I was of the good intention to say something before I left to California but time and duties constrainethed me.
I took a bleep-load of pictures on the trip but I'm too lazy to put them online tonight (you'll just have to be patient, nervous drunk-faced victims -- muaha,hahah,hahah) but this being the first night I have back in the comforts of my own domicilico, I'm planning a hot shower, a 5 minute teeth brushing/vigorous earcleaning, intense cuddling with the Small Fry, maybe even taking in a movie.

As you can no doubt grasp, all else will have to wait till morning.

Offsides, here are pictures of the hapless little guy as we dressed him like a pea for Haloween and forced him to grin for: "memories, son, smile! this is for posterity!" Such a sport.

Spartico got this splendiferous new camera for... his artistic "tendencies". Hahahah. He's good at any rate, check out the first picture to ever be shot. No pun intended.
Note to self: Watch back.


Anonymous said...

Thats a rocking wig! Where'd u get it?

crazynik said...

Please only post nice pics of me :P (snicker) HA
Avi and you are too cute
Why must you be so far away......

Anonymous said...

Fo real Cuz! Didn't even get so much as a sayonara nod. If anything less crimson than blood held us together, I'd have to get real upset like, and write you a letter telling you how upset I am with you...but I can overlook being overlooked -by family. ;) Was great seeing you guys again!


ditzydevil said...

That Pea costume is simply adorable! hes in such a cute stage before ALL his teeth come in. their smile changes after that. haha!

Spartico said...

To true. Thus his new aptly named nicknames crackhead and turdburgler.