The W W as the W W.

Light. I'm very disturbed that RJ passed away without finishing his lifes' work. Call me a pessimist but i just KNEW it would happen.


Mythos said...

no, he couldn't have
and he was such a brilliant writer too...why?
I'm disturbed...to know that his series isn't finished either...and I'm reading them too, dammit, I was hoping there would be some end, and now theres going to be none
May he rest in peace though

fl35h said...

No, book 12 will still come out, he was writing a horde of notes before he died so that his wife and brother could finish it.

Which I'm sure they will - it being the cash cow that it is.

Liz said...

I know but honestly, it's not the same. Think Dune. It just doesn't work.