This past month..

Went to the Red Bull Flugtag.

Then we played some volleyball.

Went to ACL.

Sated our thirst

and Tony fell asleep on our couch.

And there you have it all
or rather just
what I took pictures of.


Ruthie said...

I'm so jealous that you went to ACL. Was it grand?

Liz said...

it was muy sunny and walking 10 miles a day takes something out of you but yes, pretty grand.

sonialee said...

Are you coming for the Paone wedding?

Liz said...

yup. sure am.

Miss B said...

Gosh, who is that good-lookin guy that you're so happy to be standing next to with that big beautiful grin of yours?
OMG. It's Crit!
I'm gonna "save as" that photo. It's a keeper.
2 ridiculously good looking people at the same time.