feast and famine

Around the middle of the month, food and resources always get a little low. ramen!

Fridge inventory:

[Top shelf]
Sour cream. Small.
Small container of some type of red soup from last month (all i can tell you is it contains rice), pushed in back and forgotten.
A couple of olives floating in formaldehyde.
Half a jar of pickles.

[Second shelf]
Huge container butter. Empty..wierd. Must have been there months.
Some kind of strawberry spread I don't remember getting.
Ham, sliced.
Empty jar of dip. Who does that??

[Bottom shelf]
Cheese sticks
Crud from upper shelf drippings.

Quarter onion.
30 limes. Why?
Rubbery carrots.
Empty plastic bag..again Why?

[oh and door]
a host of other condiments less important than MAYONNAISE
Roll of film from 1982
Maraschino cherries (gross)

So there are my ingredients. What would YOU eat for dinner?

bonne bouche:
Seth comes home at 2:55 am to say, "You've been naughty ALL day."



Sex said...

i see you forgot to mention the liquid bread stored on the top shelf.

and there you have my answer.

Liz said...

oh but that was a recent development....and now it's gone. but yes, let's throw in some beer.

loxyfady said...

Buy a loaf of bread and make ham and cheese melts!