Cheers darling.

I went to a birthday party the other night. It wasn't so much a party as a festival of her youthness and the struggle of survival in a rugged world. Because really, every night that we close our weary eyes is a triumph of our frail indomitable frame against this insistant and weighty world.

Sooo, ever the optimist and the itch you can't scratch, I'm just going to keep prodding you to "be the best", "live your dreams" "forgive your..creams? teams? regimes?"
  • Well, forgive anyways. Yourself mostly.
  • Always lock the door behind you.
  • Don't get pulled down to their level. Drag them (kicking and screaming if you must) up to yours.
  • Gerard is hard at work customizing your Heavenly Mansion.
  • Outdo your friends in accomplishments, not boys.
  • Love your enemy. Bless them that curse you and do nice things to those turds who despise you.
  • You are the light of the world. A city on a hill is pretty much visible for a couple hundred miles. So don't lose that light or hide it under a basket of a rough woven weed, instead show it off so everyone can admire the skillful work of your Master Crafter.
  • Laugh. Alot.
  • Bring me more wine.
  • Make mistakes. They're twice as fast for the learning process.

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