I went to a Cancer party. (The sign not the sickness)
Hitherforth are the public pictures I pilfered (again) from Another's Blog.

I took that last one. I'm boasting because I rarely take amazing photos and that last one is a photo to stand out. Look at all their cunning faces displayed au natural.
It is perfection.

And many more...but you must go forth from here to beget them.
Oh wait, doesn't Seth look pretty Taliban?

Soon after, Heaven pounced.
It's cute, I promise.

Played volleyball: my team won and lost.
Drank mini-Heineken kegs: during volley ball
Babbled: while drinking mini-keg. and everywhere else
Bubble Bathed: with drinks and babbles and bubbles and uh..boobies?

Having friends crash on the living room floor.
Chatting with Niki-poo.
Listening to "you are, pick ups in my guitar"

*Bon Bouche*:

Lying abed, stroking Seth's earlobes:
"Liz, you have to understand, these are my erroneous zones."

"(laughing so as is hard to catch my breath) Don't you mean erogenous?"


crazynik said...

I'm glad we caught each other online
You darling you XXXX

Jaz, Clare & Dune said...

Clare says:
Ahh Heaven is just so cute!!!

Jamie said...

That's so cool Heaven got to go there!!!

Love you hot pants, growl. :)

BarbarianDave said...

Thanks a million for that!!!!!