Of all things..

I read this news clip about an 18 yr old, newly married boy in Iraq who was just killed. Just like every other death, it's crushing - all the more so to those who are directly connected to him and the hundreds just like him who meant so much to someone.

While I was at the gym this afternoon, I watched America's Next Top Model on TV and I thought it ironic that at the height of "our" war with babies being orphaned, anger worldwide at the arrogance of this "great nation", and a political climate that could curl your chest hair -- the majority of programming consists of "reality" shows of the most banal nature. Modeling, tanning salons, California, dating, fashion design.

All of them portrayed in high suspense. Like, omg, I HAVE to stay through commercials to see WHO GET'S CUT! WHAT IS HER ANSWER?!!

God forbid that anything truly real gets shown that would denumb the locals. Give them something to talk about besides the Who's Who of rehab.

I enjoyed this speech immensely.

Part 2 and 3 as well. Ballsy man.

Also, keep this boy in your prayers. Really really. He's a good guy.

I don't have anything else to say. This is all becoming muy trite, yes? And even the fact that it becoming so is hurtful.


Anonymous said...

I know, isn't it frustrating! "Go back to sleep America, here, watch America's next top model/American Idol" etc

Ruthie said...

But I'm currently hooked on So You Think you can Dance...can that one be okay Liz? Please please?

But seriously, I agree. It's lame. Screams..."You spill blood on the floor!"

mClay said...

good post Liz. I ¨&*% hate fashion, I wear potato sacks in protest!
And where the hell does the US get the money for all these shows anyway? they freaking build mansions for ppl every other weekend! It's sweet sure, but there are so much worse conditions out there capable of "curling chest hair"