My Golden Boy

Hey baby,
I was meaning to get you a little card to go with your gift for your birthday (which was a few days ago). You know, something trendy with a witty little comment like:

"a big pile of money would be a great birthday gift," I thought..
but mall security yanked me out of the fountain before I was able to scrape up a respectable amount."

Because that's totally something I would do, the scrounging for change bit, not the Hallmark card.

Anyhow, you're sitting across the room watching something with Avi sleeping on your chest because he's become a total daddy's boy in the last month and you can put him to sleep so much better than I can now (growl mutter) so I'm just going to go ahead and write you my own little paragraph which you'll read in like 2 weeks from now and it'll be like your birthday all over again. yay!

Here's what I like about you: (because I love that game)
  • You're incredibly smart and a rare match for my superspeedy brain (haha, laugh)
  • You're very manly with hairy arms.
  • You're a drummer, and a good one I think with time and you make retarded drumming faces.
  • Your photography. Very into it.
  • You get me.
  • Your sense of humor. It may not be quite 'deGaalon' but not a day goes by that you don't get me to crack a smile (if not a full out belly laugh) about some witty joke.
  • You're an amazing daddy and take care of us the bestest.
  • You're spontaneous.
  • You're very handsome and don't know it.
  • You make excuses for my artistic temperament :)
  • You're sexy.
  • You're a bartender and can make me nifty drinks. Speaking of which, you can pretty much do anything you decide to. Quite a quality.
  • You make me proud.
I could keep going..

All that to say, thanks for making my life better and I hope I can return the favor this year. Happy birthday baby. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Awwww! Thats precious! You guys make a beautiful couple.

Happy birthday seth, hope it was grand!

ZERO said...

Happy Birthday Seth.
Who knows, by this time next year I may be able to write up a list of all the things I like about your company.

Hope to see you again sooner rather than later.

sonia lee said...

Happy Birthday Seth! I wish you the very best for this next year. *hug*

Miss B said...

That's so sweet. ILY guys and miss you. Wish we could see you more often!!!

Sam said...

happy birthday Seth! I don't know you but I've heard great things. you're one lucky dude.

Other Side of Me said...

Seth, I was going to write you for your birthday, but I couldn't, I was sick and in a far away country of Czech Republic.
Wish you the very best! You helped make a gorgeous child! Congrats!