In my closet. A ratitos' tail.

I woke up on a Tuesday (a triumph)last week, 11ish as is my usual when I go to bed at 3ish (which is also my usual), feeling that Moving Bug Itch.
I'm still not sure which part of my body it resides in. After much diligent research I can tell you which body parts he does NOT reside in but not much else.

I stumble over the cardboard boxes and clothings littering my bedroom floor following the sound of laughing voices and chitter chatter.
(One of my morning dilemnas: Which caffeine delight to choose? Mate or coffee? Tantalize or Taste? I say, it keeps me Habit Free!)

This disturbance, as it turns out, belongs to the Packing Party!!! A branch off of the North Pole Dwarves and The Keebler Elves. A small group of Vodka and Sprite sipping ladies have clustered in one of the bedrooms to celebrate the century old tradition of Parting and Packing and Parlaying.

I have no choice but to join in.

Drinking at 11 you say!!? Inhumane! Sozzled! Phthlumption!
Say what thou desirest but forsooth it is an uncommonly fine way to beat the by-by and sally forth blues.
(Disclaimer courtesy of Grey Moose Vodka: Mind you, this does not mean drinking in the heavy sense, but merely a finger loosener to better enable you to tape up those unwieldy boxes. Drink responsibly)

Pack and move we did.
This is the 3rd time in a year but I'm not complaining, not this time. In the short span we lived at our previous apartment the "ghetto" somehow slowly crept in and overtook it and before long I was nervous about my safety as there were shootouts and drug deals going on under our noses, pretty frequently in the last days.
And while I learned some nifty lingo, for sheezy, and I can booty shake like it's nobody's business I'm still glad to be out of that dubious territory.

This post originally started out as a prelude, leading up to some choice memorabilia found in the boxing and bagging rubbish but as it all plays out, it's not so important and the real mementos in life are the friends you make and the memories that cluster around them.

Enjoy them.
Enjoy the living daylights out of them because life is a tricksy mother------.

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bassistlikeflea said...

oh I know all about accidentally moving into a ghetto. Creepy sh...stuff. I feel ya there.