To those who are about to rock, I salute you.

We've spent the past two weeks in the company of some cherished friends from "back in the day".

They chose Austin and more specifically Us as the destination for their Spring Breaks. Honored as I was that I was a chosen favorite over Cancun, The Bahamas and such debaucherous hotspots, I betook it upon myself to show them a historically worthy "rolling of the good times".
(Here I must compliment Heidi on her superior agenda skills. Were it left to me, it would have been a trip to the library, maybe Joe's Crab Shack and we'll call it a day.)

S.B'er #1: Nennie Pigs

I hadn't seen this neither of these little critters in a coons age. This one is my honorary sister, confidante, kindred, and soon to be proud graduate of UNC business college. Yay! Go Pigs!

A series of very laughing people follows:

S. B'er #2: Heaven Sexalicious

She is my accomplice, stunt double and musical tasting twin.

(Check out that nose piercing, and the labret. A bonding moment between the two. Funny funny)

We went cafe chilling, kite flying, 6th street hopping, and slumber partying. Muchas goodness.

Random photographs end this post:
Ps. Come back soon!


J.P said...

Oh thank you darling and like I told heidi if ever I am uncertain of my ability to produce the strangest pictures on earth with faces I didn't think i could possibly make and the lack of facial structure all I must do is hop on either her myspace or your blog....I'm taking it well I think...I miss you so so much!! you are my hunny bunny wunny love and I want to ooooozzzzze the crap out of you and the little man you are one sexy mama and I will be back before you know it


Heidi said...

That reminds me.....I need to get working on that little "Jennie" project of mine. hee hee =)

Meaners said...

Man I hate you guys. Mean. MEAN!! All this fun without me. Traitors!
--A very jealous Bear

Ficca's said...

Hey Seth, Paul here... isn't fatherhood killer?? anyway rock on!