Say what you want to satisfy yourself. But you only want what everybody else says you should want

I was taking a long hot naked shower yesterday -- just kidding, I take fully clothed showers with cold water so as not to add to the global warming effect. As I was taking this hygienic downtime, I started ruminating over many slowly boiling issues that were bubbling precariously close to my surface.

Culmination: I have deviated from my original programming: My soul being is a true blue, gut wrenching, retarded, blindly stumbling into it, make or break me, delicate flower, fist clenching, say the wrong thing at the right time, revo-f**king-lutionary. I have - captialize, HAVE to have a perspective, an argument, a Reason.

So there it is again. Hel-Oh you! I guess I just lost it for a while with all the turbulence but vex yourself no more, good buddy, it's all back.

You know, I was looking around for a photo that would accompany this fine post. After hitting keywords like. burst. implode. whatnot. I realized I just wanted a photo of someone jumping the heck off a cliff. And not a like gravity's gonna kick in in 2 seconds type of jumping. But a I'm jumping off a cliff without any kind of life-support and in 2 seconds I'm goddamn gonna fly.


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