The Jackpot

I satted myself down with the intention of describing true and noble deeds but the wind blew out of my sails and I'm going to settle for a plethora of pictures (mostly of a jocund nature) which will probably please you more anyways, eventually anyhow.

Harlingen. circa Feb.2006:

Oof, and now I grow tired. It would definitely be cooler with one of them pictchar viewin' programs but I guess I'm just..not..that..cool. Later dudes, totally.


Jaz, Clare & Dune said...

clare says:

Suuuuuch good lookers. Meow.

freakstreaker said...

All those people. Hi, Guys, i haven't seen them all in sooo long. maybe someday.....love you liz...write!!!

freakstreaker said...

Oh, and i forgot to say, Liz, you're still the cute Munkle you always were. I miss yooooo