What was I trying to say last year? I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Probably laugh.

Save me now cause you want to
Forgotten since summer had tune.

Needlessly squander your earnings.
Because I've made a fortune on you.

Hello and goodbye to such wanderings.
Everything left has been sold.

And all that I am and now will be.
Is sewed up and buried with mold.

For sure you are a master.
For sure I am a fraid.

For sure you keep me waiting.
For you I guard the gate.

Everything comes up now natural.
All of it jetsam and debris.

I need to choke on your harbour.
But sanity is wind lost at sea.

Kiss me with lips that are withered
Sing me a sad, heartfelt song.

Even your afterthoughts fall empty.
And I am a frustrating singalong.

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