Super Bowel XVi

This was a game where, in all honesty, I was ambivalent towards either team.

The most excited I got was within the first 10 seconds of the game when the Bears scored on the Colts during the kickoff but due to miscommunication I understood that it was made by the team that I was rooting for, though non-commitally, but in actuality was masterfully run by the opposing forces that connived to gain victory...aaand..you get the picture. Whatever.

The sweetness was that we had 25+ people stuffed into our small apartment like..sardines, haha, no really -- maybe like hotdogs in those little plastic packages because sardines are smelly and overused and hotdogs always look like they're just a bunch of good friends hanging out in a vaccuum suctioned plastic bag just waiting to be selected in the supermarket because of their chummy demeanor because THEY WANT TO, not because some one stuffed them all in together and they secretly hate each others little hotdog innards.
I made it my solemn dootie to meander about and catch everyone with their game-est faces on. This is a series I would loove to have enlarged, framed and placed on my wall.

And then just the candid party snaps...it was also David's birthday and since he's one of the swellest people I know we had to spank him extra hard. (betcha don't remember THIS, hmm? hmm?)

or this..

or this..

Babes, mad babes

I think we wanted a picture of this elusive vixen but she sure wasn't putting out..

Thus y thus it came about. And Thus y thus I take my leave.

Oh wait. I almost forgot..I scorthed big way, big way. amen.


Class Clown said...

Sadly I came to this blog to make sure no one posted any drunken looking photos of me, and to my dismay I found that. I still can't get over how bad I look, or what ever motivated me to make such a horrible face in the first place.

crazynik said...

fun!!!! The pics gave me a laugh
I think you look gorgeous in the last one.....!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Liz I agree with Niki. You look great in that last one. xxx Renae

Loxy said...

Such a good looking tongue you've got. :P (Seriously you're looking so good BTW)

Is it sad that I can recognize Jamie by his teeth and nose hairs?

Blog God said...

Looks like some party! If I hadn't been totally enjoying myself on the most excellent cruise vacation to various parts of the world I would've been there in a heartbeat.

cuz nina said...

i know you dont need another one of me boosting your ego...but damn girl, mmm mm... let me tap it.. yummy, yummy.. poonani!! No, really, i've always thought you were one of the prettiest girls i've ever met..dont let me give you.. er..i mean dont let it get to your head. Gross your my cousin.
and jason....nice

sweet dreams ( hee hee)

Clay said...

yeah, this is supper" sips cup of green tea.
its the best part about the party isn't it? The stupid faces..you can make the slowest party look like a new year blast with shots like these...

Clay said...

oh shoot oh shoot "I mean it's super... *&%# another cunning remark remark foiled by my inability to use a key board "any one out these give free classes?