Of mice and men.

Dear Internet,

1:43 am.
I'm not sure how to begin because I'm not sure of the ending. I tend to think that when writing for the public you should know your material, have an outline and maybe an idea of the ending. In this case I have none.

1:45 am.
That would probably be a good idea right? A theme. For the sake of propriety we'll name the theme "Deliberations" and try to stick to the subject matter.

1:46 am.
There's a movie going on in the background and it's throwing off my concentration. Might I state here for the record, TV is of Satan. Distressingly, I can't move as the only internet I have is attached to a cord shorter than the sound vicinity.

1:48 am.
Nothing. I'm moving to another room.

1:58 am.
I talked to a friend who suggested that love is a choice, an option that we can either embrace or shun. Correct me, amigo, if I have said this wrong. I guess I want to garner opinions.

It has been my personal experience that love sneaks up on you like a bandito and just when you think you're in the clear it ambushes you with all it's amorous intentions. Is it just a choice we make to surrender to it?

2:08 am.
I know you've trotted naked around your room/apartment and felt a delicious sense of well-being.

2:10 am.
I make a mean cabbage/mushroom/garlic stir-fry and poo-on-you for turning it down, Ta-Ta because it might make you fart. You only live once. Relish it.

2:17 am.
Seven minutes to make those last couple trivial lines. That either means that my brain is slowing down (likely) or it takes me longer to think of inane things (likelier) -- as opposed to deep things, obviously because I am Very deep and Very much a Thinker. Cough Cough. Ahem.

2:20 am.
On a sadder note, I will probably die of something tragic like a broken heart or a kneecap tumor.
(ps. I DID take an online test that predicted that I will most likely die of auto-erotic axphyxiation. (??) note to self: stay away from belts)

2:22 am.
Deliberation seems to have died in light of senseless banter. But I'm REALLY trying to debilerate this idea of love being a conscious decision rather than an erratic lovemaking of souls. Because if the choice was mine I'd Totally choose to fall in love with a squirrel.
In Futurespect, the squirrel would ignore me completely for his nuts and I would be left having to find my own tree, nutless and probably with an improperly conditioned tail making it frizzy and then, of course, unattractive to other squirrels.

2:32 am.
Humans are retarded.

2:33 am.
Eye am we todd did.

2:34 am.
Squirrels might also be retarded although I would have to research this further, against my better judgement.

2:35 ammm...


kathy said...

i think you have a very nice writing style, and your blog is very intersting..!

crazynik said...

basically you're just too cool :D

florecita said...

Squirrels do sound like a safer option. Their skulls are easier to squish.

Chuck said...


And if you can scavange more nuts then they can - they'll love you forever.

And then if you need to squish their skulls - you can lure them to you with the nuts.

Its all about nuts.

Liz said...

heh, wise..very wise.

the.cog said...

do you mod my comments?

Liz said...

I haven't.

the.cog said...

but they disappear!!!

Liz said...

really? wierd. those ones didn't.