I resolve to be resolute in resulting relations? ruff!

I really DID want to give you some nice pictures from the Holidays but I took none for Christmas and when my friend sent me New Years photos, while I was hoping to look devastatingly sexy and wonderful in them, I was quite disspointed to note that I just looked fat and drunk instead. Two slightly less notable qualities.

Although I wasn't drinking that much in actuality so maybe I wasn't really that fat either. I'm still WORKING ON IT, okay people? I just grew a live being in my insides and this is what I get for my troubles..okay, breathe Liz, breathe. No one cares.


All drunken fatness aside, I swallow my pride and give a picture anyways, seeing as it co-features my fellow newbie-mother who is radiating and was brave enough to show up sans-pants, which is always a good look I think. Yes? Praise su Jeesus.

Another nice photo in this collection is this one of my cousins. Check out Justin's little fluff mohawk which is pretty much the cutest thing ever and Shannon's loveliness which makes me think that she's probably partly from the mailman because she doesn't get it from OUR side of the family. The Groves can be rascals like that.

Grandly finale, here's a row of strapping young boys. Oh wait, haha, I get it. It's Salt of Earth. I didn't see that till just now. Well, there you have those guys. And since I'm not about to get permission to post any of these pictures, sorry if you feel your eyes are red or you look a little toasty. That's JUST WHAT HAPPENS at New Years so be pleased.

A year ago, at Years End I was sickly and orange and not yet made into a factory of reproduction. What a year of Big Occasions! Maybe it will calm down now but you know? I kind of hope it doesn't..


crazynik said...

Happy New Year!
You're too cool

Angel said...

Hello there!! Come to mommy....
Happy New Year Liz :) XO!!

Me said...

Oh puh-lease you looked stunning! "Fat" was NOT a word that came to mind when seeing you that night. Tasty.

Blog God said...

I don't think Liz can help being pretty darn beautiful.

Liz said...

I swear I wasn't fishing for compliments:) but thanks guys, it truly made my day. probably even this WHOLE NEW YEAR!
I love you Niki
I love you Angel.
I love you Plum.
I love you Jesse.

Now don't you wish you had commented, so you too could've shared the loooove?

florecita said...

I'm so glad you're crawling back out of your little hole and unleashing yourself on the blog-world again. We've missed you.