An anonymous trip

There is mystery afoot.

Seth is taking me somewhere and I don't know where. This could be a very good thing (fun vacation, etc) or a very bad thing (deserted wilderness, hide the body etc).

He's been hinting all week at some suspiciousness, (out of nowhere) "Liz I wish you'd trust me.'

'Okkaaay...I do?'

Then yesterday it's, "Do you have all the laundry done that you'll need for the next couple days?"
'Yes, why?' (Very Suspicious)
'Just trust me.'

As he leaves for work that evening, "Pack a bag for 2 nights.." (slams door)

'Whaaa? Why? Where?'

And so I'm left wondering, leaving right now and still clueless. I hope he's trustworthy..


Plum said...

Nice. We'll be waiting for juicy details when you get back

Blog God said...

that is so cool.

Anonymous said...

wow....that is like any girls' dream...keep us posted

Maria said...

how cute!
So, what was it?