The newest and rather disspointing read

so I was gonna sit down and take some time to tell you about my trip but then as I finish doing my other important computer work and I get around to Faire un Nom I realize I'm not really interested at this moment. I'm sort of like a jaded lover. It just doesn't turn me on right now.

So too bad, maybe another night, baby.

Besides Gobbledygook tells it better than I do. Check it, check it. Word.

(I know you were here all like, "Dude! Liz has got a new post! Halleljuah!"...and then slowly, it dawns on you..."That was it? That little spurt on the page? And now I'm going to have to wait for another 3 weeks for another dissapointment like that one? Forget THIS blog. I'm going to give my affections to a more trustworthy and steady blog who, granted, may not be all that sexy but will give me what I need!")

And you know? I wouldn't blame you.


LoxyFady said...

Forget THIS blog?


Blog God said...

"That little spurt on a page" kinda defined it. But hey, a picture's worth a thousand words so you didn't do too bad.

BarbarianDave said...

So it is.....we the pathetic, the forgotten, the deficient of sapience, have in our foolish precondition, straped ourselves to the eternal rollercoaster that is your increasingly unatainable affection. All in hopes that we might, regarless of our inauspicious state, catch a morsel or even a mere crumb of your sheer brilliance.

Liz said...

I look down in my benevolence on thine humble comments and I bless thee.
May my sun shine evermore.

:) I don't think that quite suits me.