Link of the Day, nay, the Week

Or because when first faced with the prospect of breastfeeding in public, I admit, I was timid and brought him back to the bathroom.
However, one look at the toilet, that particular odor, and I wondered "Why isn't everyone eating in here?" (Luckily, my forward-thinking is shared with a fellow in Taiwan. One day we must meet.)
But till the day I begin my lavatory feasting, I'm going to have my tender infant eat where I do...under the staircase.

Because Mother Nature made bottles for a reason.


LoxyFady said...

LMAO. I love it!

Kristina said...

Your courage will grow to amaze you. I was scared to leave the house the first 30 days after my daughter was born. The terror of breastfeeding in public. But now at 26 months, I have fed her practically everywhere. In fact, just last week I sat down in the middle of an urban boutiqe (the mens department no less) while Mike tried on jackets, and nursed her there for everyone to see and stare.

I just think of it as a public service announcment!

"Hey Everyone! Breastfeeding here. EXTENDED breastfeeding!!"