I dare Systemite.net

How does the idea of Freedom of Choice coexist with Divine Preordination?



BarbarianDave said...

Simple! If Devine Preordination is truly Devine then idea of free will is simply an illusion....perhaps one of the best illusions ever. I'm sure the wise systemite will agree with me on this.
I'm afraid that your challanges to this systemite will most likely go unanswered. Although he may be wise he is also a lowly coward and pussywhipped. All this talk about having no time to post and as I write he's in the next room being forced to watch " The devil wears Prada" with his most significant other.

blog_god said...

hahaha, oh bad move, I made the mistake of preceding the word "Will" with "Free" in the presense of the systemite. it turned into a 3 hour debate. Don't get either of these 2 guys started.