Desiring You. Me.

A couple months ago, the KGB asked me to do a little web design for them. They wanted to update their image a bit to appeal to the youth of today. A "little more flair, a little less scare", they said in their rumbling Russian accent.

And so Boris and Molotov opened their stony hearts to try to relate somewhat to the outside world. Somewhere they can release a little of their pent up tensions and maybe even garner some converts.
Don't expect these guys to update too often as much of their time is spent on covert missions where isolation and secrecy is of the utmost importance, although the return tales of their adventures should be well worth the wait.

I give you: KGB Headquarters.


ZERO said...

Nice Job.

But isn't that an American Soldier in the header?

Liz said...

It sure is.
I think they were trying to make their public feel more at ease with one of their own kind. Or maybe a, this guy likes HIS coffee, you should too. (coffee being the propaganda, and...ahh, you know)